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Attorney Disability Insurance

Protect Your Career with Long Term Disability Insurance Designed Specifically for Lawyers and Attorneys

As a new or experienced attorney, you have dedicated an enormous amount of time, effort, and financial resources to becoming an expert in your field. Your most important asset is your ability to perform at a high level, both physically and intellectually. When it comes to the practice of law, intellectual and cognitive skills are more critical than they are in many other occupations.

While some physical limitations can be threatening to your ability to practice law, a loss in cognitive ability can be far more damaging and destructive to a successful legal career.

Protecting Your Future with Long Term Disability Insurance for Lawyers

MyDisabilityPlans will provide and review each quote with you, focusing on the important provisions of the contract along with the costs associated with a properly designed long term disability insurance solution for lawyers. That way there won’t be any surprises down the road if you need so file a claim.

We’ll also help you design a plan that will grow with you! Many lawyers engage in a practice with a moderate and predictable income growth rate. Others have the potential to grow faster or with more variability.

Top 3 Considerations for Attorneys Selecting Disability Policies

  1. Definition Of Disability

  2. Definition of Residual (Partial) Disability

  3. Ability to Increase Your Coverage Without Demonstrating Financial or Medical Insurability

In summary, while your physical ability to perform your job is important, there are other important aspects of your ability to practice as well. What if you can’t focus for long periods of time, or you lose the ability to recall information, interpret, and articulate case law? The ability to handle the stress created by the constant need to perform at an exceptional level is a critical aspect of your job as an attorney.

Protect yourself and your career with long term disability insurance. Lawyers are all too often on the front lines of legal cases involving disability insurance; yet, neglect their own personal insurance needs. Don’t let that happen to you!

Contact MyDisabilityPlans.com today and start securing your future against the unexpected.

Attorney Disability Insurance

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What I appreciated most was the time Mitchell took to really explain the various elements of disability insurance to me. As a new small business owner, I didn't have experience in this area, and appreciate him sharing his knowledge and expertise, and being so patient with all my questions.

- Annette Maggi, Strategic Nutrition Marketing and Communications Consultant
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