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Purpose and Vision

Disability means “the loss of ability” and whether during working years or after retirement, this loss has potential to create enormous stress in the lives of our clients.

MyDisabilityPlans, LLC was founded to positively impact those who actively plan to mitigate the financial upheaval caused by the loss of ability.

After working with scores of individuals it was clear that despite the best intentions of financial professionals, no resource was available to assist in the delivery of high quality planning recommendations and ongoing management of these potentially life altering plans.

MyDisabilityPlans, LLC fills this void.  We are committed to delivering unequaled expertise and execution for those who entrust us with this important need.

An engagement with MyDisabilityPlans, LLC will allow the professional financial planning firm to:

•Build a reliable and repeatable process to deliver high value planning recommendations.

•Positively impact planning efficiencies.

•Improve client understanding of their plan and the insurances funding their plan.

•Enhance client satisfaction.

Do you desire Specialty Focus plus In-force AND New Carrier Comparatives?

MyDisabilityPlans, LLC is dedicated to being your disability insurance expert. We pride ourselves on supporting the holistic financial planning process. We will provide you expert consultation to help assist you in making the appropriate decision with your clients. We will not deviate from your personal recommendations, nor interfere with other products and services. We will provide detailed, side-by-side comparatives (see sample comparative) with in-force carrier contracts to help you  explain coverage differences with your clients. Simply provide copies of their in-force policy through our secure email transfer and these comparatives will be provided along side new coverage options in the market to assist in making an informed decision.